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Sainte Lucie

Founded in 2011, at Cacoa Sainte Lucie we are passionate about creating a truly indigenous artisan chocolate company. We work with Saint Lucia’s top-rated organic cocoa, world renowned for complex flavour profiles and maximum levels of health-giving antioxidants and minerals. From our location just outside Saint Lucia’s picturesque west coast village of Canaries, our team at Cacoa Sainte Lucie’s creates a delicious range of organic gourmet dark chocolates and cocoa nibs, milk chocolate, truffles and chocolate coated nuts. We’re so proud of the reputation we’ve earned for delivering delicious chocolate every time! We invite you to share in the Cacoa Sainte Lucie team’s enthusiasm for good chocolate by booking one of our ‘unforgettable’ Chocolate Experience Tours, or you can purchase our delicious chocolate online below.

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Featured in Cuisine Noir
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There is only one way to make truly fine chocolate:

Using the highest quality beans to hand-craft small batches, with a lot of love.

Best Environment

Cocoa beans develop unique flavor variations based on the environment in which they are grown. Our hands-on selection process allows us to only utilize beans with rich nuance, unlike what any industrial producer can do.

We work closely with local farmers to source the highest quality beans grown on St. Lucia’s lushest hills.

Local Expertise

Patient Preparation

The beans are expertly fermented, sun dried, then hand sorted, slow roasted and stone ground.

We use only the simplest natural ingredients are used -in most cases only organic cocoa & organic cane sugar- to bring out the natural subtleties of each batch and ensure a heathy product.

Simple Ingredients

Artisanal Crafting

Each batch is table tempered, molded, inspected and individually packaged. Ensuring an authentic product that packs smooth tropical delight in each bite.