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Bean to Bar Orientation Tour & Chocolate Sampling

As the chocolate industry continues to evolve, new Cocoa and chocolate manufacturers are more aware of the need for cleaner products, from sustainably sourced raw materials. As a well-known producer of pure chocolate bars and providing healthier alternatives to mass-produced cocoa products, we would love to get you acquainted with the bean-to-bar process and how we’ve made chocolate over the years. This informative tour will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the bean-to-bar chocolate industry.

$15 per person

Our team will host this 15 minute class and engage you in the simple dynamics of the chocolate -making process. Touch, taste, and smell – your senses will guide you and enlighten you. Understand the unique flavor profiles of chocolate that make the chocolate tasting experience so unique and desirable. Similar to wine, chocolate carries many nuances of the region, including that of the soil in which the cocoa was grown which significantly impacts the flavor. Oops! Too much info. We welcome you to book with us and learn much more.

$20 per person

Indulge in details of the chocolate making experience through discovering the craft and science behind theBean to Bar chocolate process. Taste the sweet fruit that chocolate comes from – the theobromine cacao, and see how the cocoa bean and chocolate have been inculcated in St Lucia’s rich history and culture.

Now with this chocolate overload and clarity on the production process you will then finally get your hands dirty with producing your very own artisan chocolate bar. With a variety of spices and toppings if you so wish in your personalized chocolate bar then it’s time to wrap and package to take home for family and friends. Enjoy with us!

$45 per person

What can be more exciting than climbing the pitons in St. Lucia? A chocolate truffle-making experience of course. Let us bring out the chocolatier in you with this exciting informal class where you are hands deep and dirty in chocolate creating decadent hand-rolled French truffles and packaged by you to take home. Our recipe is rich and sure to please every chocolate lover. We would love to have you!

$50 per person

Experience the Art of Chocolate making and create your own Chocolate Bar with Almonds/ cashews/pepper flakes/mint, to name a few. A short, scenic drive takes you to the famous Tet Paul Hiking Trail (45mins) eye to eye with the fabled twin peaks of the Pitons. Afterward, soak your muscles in the therapeutic Sulphur Springs Mud baths. Finally, relax and sip on cold, freshly squeezed local juice accompanied by a sumptuous creole lunch with the Pitons as company. Your journey continues through Marigot Bay for a photo stop before heading back to your resort.

$180 per person

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